What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol, which is used for encrypting web traffic and verifying the web server identity.

What is TLS?

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is actually updated version of SSL. The name of the protocol was changed to TLS when SSL 3.1 was developed as TLS version 1.0. That’s why it is often called as SSL/TLS protocol.

What is SSL/TLS Certificate?

SSL/TLS certificate is a digital certificate, which is issued by a Certificate Authority (CA). This certificate is used to send/receive web requests in encrypted form over SSL/TLS protocol. It is also know as public key certificate and identity certificate.

What is CSR?

A CSR (Certificate Signing…


The objective of this blog is to learn basic concept of Container, Docker and achieve the following:

  • Build a standalone platform to run Docker container
  • Create a Container Image
  • Run a Containerised Application

What is Container?

A container is a standalone unit of software that contains an application and required dependencies to run the application.

What is Container Image?

A container image is a static file that contains the code to run an application as an isolated process on any supported platform. A container image becomes a container at runtime.

What is Docker?

Docker is a Platform-as-a-Service, that enables operating system level virtualisation to run containers on top of Linux…

What is Cloud Computing?

There are several definitions floating around on the web. In my view the simplest definition would be: A computing service that is delivered over the internet is called Cloud Computing.

Some Benefits Cloud Services

There are several benefits due to which organisations are moving towards cloud. Here I have captured some important benefits and considerations.


By adopting cloud computing organisations can eliminate the capital expense (CapEx) of running datacenters. Also, the operating expense (OpEx) of hardware and facility can be eliminated by moving to cloud. For most of the cloud services customers only pays for what they consume which gives a consumption based model.


Windows native automation

I came across a situation where one of my applications was throwing a pop-up and expect someone to click ‘OK’ or ‘Cancel’ to proceed. This was impacting some automated functions of the application as the process was getting stopped with the pop-up. It is highly inconvenient for anyone to clear those pop-ups manually. I had to find some Windows native solution to tackle this situation.

I could not find any PowerShell cmdlet for this situation but I found the old Application.SendKeys VBA method still useful. …

Recently, I was trying to figure out how can I federate with Azure AD using Shibboleth SP and achieve SSO. There are applications that do not have a built-in SAML, OAuth or OIDC module, using which it can federate with Azure AD. Shibboleth SP provides this capability to such legacy applications to federate with Azure AD using SAML authentication mechanism. I had no idea how Shibboleth works and I was struggleing a lot to meet my goal. I almost went through all available documents on the web, but could not find any reference document for this scenario.

I reached out…

Install application on Azure Virtual Machine using Terraform

In my last blog (Part 3), we have provisioned a Windows Virtual Machine (VM) using terraform modules. In this part we will learn how we can install an application or software on that VM.

At first, I will try to install IIS Web Server on the VM, as IIS is a built-in feature of Windows server, I do not need any executable to install it. I only need to run a PowerShell command to install IIS on the VM. I just have to figure out how I can run the command via terraform.

I was doing some research on this…

Deploy Azure Virtual Machine using Terraform modules

So far we have learned basic terraform in Part 1 and terraform module in Part 2 and we have already created a resource group and a virtual network. Now I am planning to deploy an Azure virtual machine (VM) using terraform modules and see how the output of a module is called from the root module.

Target architecture

Target architecture

Components of a virtual machine

Before we proceed with the coding, let’s first understand the components of a virtual machine that we need to provision on Azure.

We already have a resource group and a virtual network created on our subscription. …

Introduction to Terraform module

In my previous blog (Part 1) we have seen how we can create a terraform configuration file and deploy it via Azure DevOps pipe line. If you have not read it yet, I recommend to go back and read Part 1 before proceeding further. Now that we have a clear understanding on basic terraform configuration file, let’s take a step forward.

In this blog, we will learn terraform module and deploy an Azure Virtual Network using module instead of simple configuration file.

Target architecture

Target architecture

Terraform module

A module is basically a collection of multiple components or resources that we normally deploy together. Modules can…

Getting started with Terraform

I have started learning terraform and deploying Azure resources using terraform. So, thought to write a blog and share as I progress with the learning. This might be helpful for beginners. Let’s learn together!

I am planning to write simple terraform script to create an Azure resource group and deploy it via Azure DevOps pipeline. Let’s see how it goes.

Target architecture

Target architecture

Introduction to terraform

Terraform is an open source tool, created by HashiCorp. This is one of the most popular infrastructure as code tool. It enables us to deploy, update, manage infrastructure efficiently. We can also maintain versions of our infrastructure using terraform. …

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